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Hillsboro Chiropractic Reviews

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with the efficiency of the entire operation. The staff is obviously well trained and eager to help with any questions or concerns. Everyone is kind and upbeat and I look forward to making my way towards improvement. Dr. Tiffany presented a detailed explanation of and treatment for my condition.

– Elvie H.

Instant Relief

When I came in I have had an awful migraine for the last week I’ve been in so much pain in my head, neck, throat, and even shoulders. I’ve seen countless doctors and in the end was told I needed to see an oral surgeon and was prescribed painkillers. I was taking 2 at a time, multiple times a day to get any relief. I was missing work, could barely get out of bed and overall felt awful. I am a full time employee, wife and mom of a 2 year old. Being in bed, on painkillers wasn’t an option. My first visit and adjustment I had INSTANT RELIEF! My migraine and pain decreased immediately!! The next day, I only had to take 1/2 a pain killer all day versus the 4-5 I was taking the few days prior!!! Absolutely will be going back! Thank you Bridge to Health for giving me my life back!

– Corrin C.

Baby, I’m Back!

I’m so happy to be able to work in my yard again and have little pain when mowing the lawn or bending over to pull weeds, etc. It has been about six weeks with two appts. a week at Bridge to Health Chiropractic in Hillsboro. I had not been able to work in my yard for over six months and so I missed it. This is my happy place. Thank you Bridge to Health Chiropractic! Baby, I’m back!

– Joan E.

I Felt Cared For

I couldn’t recommend Bridge to Health, Dr. Tiffany, and Dr. Paul more! I felt cared for from the moment I walked in the door and the process they employed to develop my personal care plan gives me great confidence in their ability to help me reach my goals.

– Kellar M.

Looking Forward to Continuing My Journey

First impression and follow up appointments have been delightful. You can feel the cohesive energy in this team just by walking into the office. I put my trust in them and hope to learn how to work with my body to ease pain and discomfort. I look forward to completing my plan and continuing my journey with them.

– Gloria J.

Everyone Was Very Helpful

I felt very respected and listened to. The office is super clean and organized. Everyone was very helpful and put my anxiety at ease. I was called back right away and didn’t have to wait at all. I can’t wait to start my treatment and feel better!

– Carly K.

The Best Chiropractor I’ve Ever Seen

I appreciate the targeted individual approach to healing vs. a one-size-fits methodology. Chiropractors I’ve previously seen use only one method of adjustment and therapy or a limited combination of a set type of adjustment with an auxiliary (usually mechanized) therapy. They have also not used a plan that ultimately solves my issues but keeps me coming back indefinitely. Given that I must drive 1 1/2 hours to get to Dr. Tiffany’s, I very much appreciate her plan and goal for healing, not perpetual treatment. The office staff is very friendly and personable and the value of my time is not taken for granted. I am seen promptly and given specific instructions for things I can do at home to support my treatment and make it the most effective. All in all, the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Well worth the drive for me.

– Jolynn C.

Very Caring

I appreciate that she was open during this tragic time. She was very meticulous about finding out my back and neck issues. She didn’t just jump in and adjust me. The x-rays she took were amazing and showed the problem. I saw a chiropractor for years who never ordered any x-rays Thank you for you excellent care.

– Shelly M.

Wonderful Experience

Tiffany worked with me and got me ready for a long flight across the United States. She was wonderful and I made the flight with little pain. She gave me all the information I needed to give to my physical therapist which has been very helpful to speed my recovery. I can not say enough about how wonderful my experience was with this great professional.

– Richard G.

Can’t Get Any Better

Very professional, went out of the way to get me in. I appreciate that, but the best part is she has a plan to treat my symptoms already and even walked down to my doctor’s office and hand-delivered a DC of my x-rays (down the hall). Can’t get any better than that.

– Greg S.

Thank You for Your Care

From my first visit when I was in so much pain, I felt some relief just from the information, the care, and the adjustment. I feel that I will be back to doing my normal things in no time. Thank you for your care and concern for my health!!

– Alice L.

Gave Me Hope

Reading Dr. Tiffany’s website gave me hope that my search for a chiropractor had been successful. The kindness and understanding I experienced during my first visit gave me added confidence. I had waited too long and was in a lot of pain. Notable improvement after only 4 visits. Thank you!

– Pattie P.

So Happy I Cried

I cried all the way home because up to that point I had resigned myself to a c-section. I have no question that Dr. Tiffany will be able to flip Baby A so that I can have a natural birth.

– Mackenzie J-C.

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