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Hillsboro Chiropractic Reviews

Very Caring

I appreciate that she was open during this tragic time. She was very meticulous about finding out my back and neck issues. She didn’t just jump in and adjust me. The x-rays she took were amazing and showed the problem. I saw a chiropractor for years who never ordered any x-rays Thank you for you excellent care.

~Shelly M.

Wonderful Experience

Tiffany worked with me and got me ready for a long flight across the United States. She was wonderful and I made the flight with little pain. She gave me all the information I needed to give to my physical therapist which has been very helpful to speed my recovery. I can not say enough about how wonderful my experience was with this great professional.

~Richard G.

Can’t Get Any Better

Very professional, went out of the way to get me in. I appreciate that, but the best part is she has a plan to treat my symptoms already and even walked down to my doctor’s office and hand-delivered a DC of my x-rays (down the hall). Can’t get any better than that.

~Greg S.

Thank You for Your Care

From my first visit when I was in so much pain, I felt some relief just from the information, the care, and the adjustment. I feel that I will be back to doing my normal things in no time. Thank you for your care and concern for my health!!

~Alice L.

Gave Me Hope

Reading Dr. Tiffany’s website gave me hope that my search for a chiropractor had been successful. The kindness and understanding I experienced during my first visit gave me added confidence. I had waited too long and was in a lot of pain. Notable improvement after only 4 visits. Thank you!

~Pattie P.

So Happy I Cried

I cried all the way home because up to that point I had resigned myself to a c-section. I have no question that Dr. Tiffany will be able to flip Baby A so that I can have a natural birth.

~Mackenzie J-C.

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