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Meet Dr. Tiffany Altilio

With a background in surgical nursing, Dr. Tiffany realized she wanted to be more involved in the prevention of health conditions. Her introduction to chiropractic was when she had an injury and sought chiropractic care. She was amazed at how well it worked for her without drugs or surgery. She loves the fact that the body is able to heal itself. “We’re healing and self-regulating.”

Photo of Chiropractor, Dr. Tiffany Altilio

Transitioning to Chiropractic

In addition to her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, Dr. Tiffany has a nursing degree as well. She also did postgraduate pediatric and prenatal training. “After working on an orthopedic floor as a nurse in a good sized hospital in the Midwest for a year, I started to look around and realized that this wasn’t quite right.” When she was in school, she was really into the medical model due to her background as a registered nurse. “I knew a tiny bit about chiropractic, but I didn’t get the philosophy yet.”

Dr. Tiffany recalls sitting in her philosophy classes and learning about the 33 principles of chiropractic and how there’s an innate potential inside of us. “When I learned how the chiropractic adjustment releases that potential the hair on my arms stood up! It was just one of those things that rang true to me. I realized I’m in the right place, and this is where I want to spend my time.”

Helping Patients Thrive

It’s gratifying for Dr. Tiffany to help her many patients achieve better health. Her pediatric patients, in particular, always stand out the most. “When I was brand-new in practice, one of my patients was a little girl who had been misdiagnosed and had restricted movement.” According to Dr. Tiffany, the girl was incredibly late meeting her milestone and was barely moving at 13 months of age. Dr. Tiffany collaborated with a physical therapist to provide care.

By the time we finished care, she was running on the beach and swimming in Hawaii with her family.

Dr. Tiffany also recalls caring for older patients who didn’t even tell her that they’ve battled with lifetime motion sickness, and they see Dr. Tiffany for something else. “After a couple of upper cervical adjustments their motion sickness is gone.” An IT professional who worked the night shift is another memorable patient. He didn’t eat well and didn’t have an active life.  “After having him as a patient for five years I get to hear about his adventures hiking and how he eats well, learns to juice and feels good.”

Staying Active in Hillsboro

Outside the practice, Dr. Tiffany enjoys playing outside with her family and dog. She also loves the environment and tries to live more sustainably. She is involved with Mission Life International and sponsors WildCat Haven. She enjoys giving back to the community through the Bridge to Health Chiropractic‘s Stand Strong program for day care and elementary schools. Dr. Tiffany talks to children about posture, self-esteem and their nervous system.

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