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Dr. Tiffany Altilio

Hillsboro Chiropractor, Dr. Tiffany Altilio

With a background in surgical nursing, Dr. Tiffany realized she wanted to be more involved in the prevention of health conditions. Her introduction to chiropractic was when she had an injury and sought chiropractic care. She was amazed at how well it worked for her without drugs or surgery. She loves the fact that the body is able to heal itself. “We’re healing and self-regulating.”

In addition to her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota, Dr. Tiffany has a nursing degree as well. She also did postgraduate pediatric and prenatal training. “After working on an orthopedic floor as a nurse in a good sized hospital in the Midwest for a year, I started to look around and realized that this wasn’t quite right.” When she was in school, she was really into the medical model due to her background as a registered nurse. “I knew a tiny bit about chiropractic, but I didn’t get the philosophy yet.”
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