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Chiropractic Care

Ready to feel awesome? Chiropractic care can help by looking at your nervous system and clearing up any interference between the brain and the body’s communication. Dr. Tiffany mainly uses the Diversified manual technique to adjust, along with a combination of various techniques, including some instrument adjusting, to find areas of irritation. Then, she determines how to remove that irritation, so your brain and body communicate better. The result is your body’s innate ability to heal is released so your body can do what it’s designed to do.

Photo of Dr. Tiffany will assessing skeletal alignment

Dr. Tiffany will assess all skeletal alignment in your body.

Incredible Advantages for Patients

Yielding many benefits for patients of all ages, chiropractic

  • Improves the immune system
  • Strengthen the musculoskeletal and nervous systems
  • Prevents injuries and disease
  • Helps the body function better
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves range of motion

Dr. Tiffany is very skilled at reading a patient’s body to know when to use a manual adjustment and when to use instrument adjusting. She finds that some people like to be eased into chiropractic with instrument adjusting, which doesn’t involve any sound or the use of a quick motion.

Gentle Care for Kids


Dr. Tiffany adjusting a young boy.

Trained in pediatric chiropractic, Dr. Tiffany is able to adjust your children making it seem like play in the process. Children are free to run around the room and play with different instruments, tools and toys that she has. She finds that she is able to do most assessments and adjustments on the run. “I can make it a game to where the kids enjoy it and aren’t afraid of chiropractic care. Their experience is a good one, and we always make sure to take the time and create the environment that’s a good experience for them.” Dr. Tiffany’s adjustments are always gentle and tailored to the child’s specific needs.

Dr. Tiffany is happy to press the pause button if a mom needs to nurse her child before Dr. Tiffany resumes care. Children who aren’t hungry will be happier and receptive to care.

Why do kids need to be adjusted?

Through their developmental stages, children are likely to be falling and knocking things out of alignment more often than adults are. They don’t have the communication skills to know how to tell that things are off. When they stand up and fall repeatedly, their side joint can move out of place quite easily.

It’s incredibly easy to move things back into place for kids

Dr. Tiffany

Chiropractic can help with common childhood conditions such as ear infections and colic. Dr. Tiffany recalls that one of her very young patients — a baby — was able to sleep through the night after just one adjustment.

Discover the many benefits of safe and natural chiropractic care. Get ready to feel awesome by contacting us today to schedule an appointment!

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